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Become a more effective sales and marketing leader with summaries of these best-sellers from 3 of the world's top thought experts.

The Business Source is ASAE’s provider of the ASAE Business Book Summary Program.

“It’s a smart easy way for association members to boost their business knowledge and be more effective on the job.”
    - Susan Robertson, CAE, Interim ASAE President & CEO

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Two Business Book Summaries each month
Two Video Business Book Summaries each month
Two Memory Sticks each month
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Business Book Summaries

Read or Listen - Anytime - Any Device

We find the best business books and summarize them so you can learn the key ideas of each book in under twenty minutes!

All summaries are available in many text formats so you can read them on any device. (PC, Mac, iPad, phone, Kindle ...)

Audio versions of the summaries are also available, so you can listen in your downtime or learn “on-the-go.”

You get summaries of two great business books each month.

Video Summaries

A FAST, Fun Way to Learn

Our three to five minute video summaries are a fun way to get the big takeaways from a great business book.

You'll be amazed how much you can learn in just a few minutes when the knowledge is presented with animated visuals.

You get video summaries of two great business books each month.

Memory Sticks

Make the Learning Stick!

Did you know that 61% of what you read is lost after the first hour and over 90% is lost after 24 hours? (Queen's University)

What's the point of learning something if you don't remember it?

The best way to ramp up retention is by revisiting the information --- but who has the time to go through everything twice?

Memory Sticks deliver the big points from a summary in just one page.  They're the fastest way to review the learning and really make it stick!

You get Memory Sticks for each of the monthly summaries.

Get More with Our Premium Programs


The Gold Program offers everything above PLUS...

Business Essentials Library

Summaries of 100 "Must Read" Books

This library contains summaries of 100 great business books, ones that'll help you become a better leader, communicator and much more.

You get summaries of books like The Leadership Challenge, one of the best leadership books ever written and required reading for every leader.

Business Success in a Nutshell

The Key Ideas from 5 of the Best Business Books Ever Written

You get detailed and insightful answers to questions such as:

How can I dramatically increase my personal and professional effectiveness?
How can I find, motivate and keep excellent employees?
What do the world’s best managers do?


The Platinum Program offers everything above PLUS...

Business Masters Library

Summaries of 250 of the Best Business Books from the Last 10 Years

This library offers a huge range of great books with insights and ideas you can use to grow your career and your business.

Video Library

Video Summaries of 200 Great Business Books

This library features video summaries of over 200 of the very best business books from the last few years including mega-bestsellers like What Got You Here Won't Get You There, Thinking Fast and Slow and The Power of Habit.

All summaries are also available in all text formats so you can read them on any device.

Audio versions of the summaries are also provided.

Financial Essentials Library

Summaries of 50 Great Investment Books

This library contains summaries of the best investment books - the ones that belong on the bookshelf of every investor.

You get summaries of powerful books like Lessons from the Greatest Stock Traders of All Time, The Super Analysts and Seven Indicators That Move Markets.

All summaries are available in various text formats so you can read them on any device.

How Summaries Will Help You Succeed

Get Practical Ideas and Strategies You Can Use

A new idea, a different perspective, an alternate strategy; these are the things that will help you solve problems, boost your effectiveness and improve student and staff success.

Learn More AND Remember More

A Carnegie-Mellon Study demonstrated that people remember more when they read a well-written book summary than when they read the entire book.

Gain a Business Edge

You’ll learn new skills and master old ones, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest strategies, techniques and ideas in business so you can make a bigger contribution ... and what will that do for your school and your career?

Drastically Reduce Your Reading Time

You can read our concise summaries in less than 20 minutes as opposed to the many hours it takes to read an entire book. Or you can listen to our audio versions - in your car, on the train, or at the gym. Or just take 3 to 5 minutes to watch our video summaries.

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SAVE $91

2 Summaries / Month

(Video, Text & Audio)

Memory Sticks



SAVE $226

2 Summaries / Month

(Video, Text & Audio)

Memory Sticks

Business Success in a Nutshell

Business Essentials Library



SAVE $546

2 Summaries / Month

(Video, Text & Audio)

Memory Sticks

Business Success in a Nutshell

Business Essentials Library

Video Library

Business Masters Library

Financial Essentials Library

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"I just wanted you folks to know how very much I value your (program) - yours is the one I read regardless of how busy my schedule is.
The information you provide to me is: valid, concise, and empowering."

- Rebecca Booth

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