Using the Ten Strengths You Didn’t Know You Had
to Get the Career and Life You Want Now
by Vickie Milazzo

Inside Every Woman shares the guiding principles of self-made millionaire Vickie Milazzo, and inspires women everywhere to achieve their boldest visions for life and career. Using her own success, life challenges, and the methods she developed to coach tens of thousands of women, Vickie gives practical, detailed strategies that any woman can use.

“Vickie Milazzo and the phenomenal success she has achieved for herself and others is astonishing. It doesn’t matter what your life or career goals are, the 10 strengths she reveals Inside Every Woman will make it happen for you.” – –  Dayna Steele, host of The Art of Doing Business on the BizRadio Network

Publisher: Wiley — Published: 2006 — Pages: 272 — ISBN 978-0471745204
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