Using the Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life
by Lillian Glass, Ph.D.

A practical and savvy guide for gleaning what people are really thinking by understanding the codes of communication — verbal, facial, body language, and speech.

“I feel a little strange recommending this book because it reveals so many of my secrets. Dr. Lillian Glass clearly and effectively communicates the complex subtleties of the human psyche. Understanding nonverbal language is the essential skill in any profession that involves communication. This book is the best primer on the topic of nonverbal communication I have ever read. Success as a trial attorney requires intuition and the ability to use it. However, most trial lawyers I know are unable to articulate how they do what they do with juries. Applying the knowledge contained in this book almost guarantees increased success. – – Geoffrey N. Fieger, noted trial attorney, “America’s winningest lawyer”

Publisher: Wiley — Published: 2003 — Pages: 272 — ISBN 978-0471430292
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